The Platform

Firefighter Safety

I will continue to fight for firefighters' safety. Our people are our most valuable resource and as Fire Chiefs we should continually work to ensure they arrive home safely at the end of their shifts and the end of their careers.  

As your Vice President, I will work to educate our stakeholders about the deadly perils and long-term effects of our business.  We must address the issues causing firefighters to suffer from chronic anxiety, depression, PTSD, substance abuse or even suicide. 

Professional Development

 I will ensure that we continue to develop comprehensive training and education programs, so our successors are prepared to lead the fire service of tomorrow. 

The IAFC provides numerous conferences and educational opportunities, but many departments struggle with the finances to send our future leaders to attain the education they need before they get their promotion.  I will seek ways to provide greater delivery of these educational opportunities to those who may be unable to attend annual conferences and conventions.  

Diversity and Inclusion

I will continue to work across the fire service community to increase mutual dignity and respect across all our ranks, ethnicities, races and genders.  

It is our diversity that makes us great.  

I will be a proponent of the IAFC becoming more active in the recruitment and retention of qualified applicants from all backgrounds.  We should consider forming partnerships with our Armed Forces to recruit diverse individuals who have shown their mettle by serving our country.


I will facilitate the research and  adoption of innovative technologies from abroad and from other industries into our fire service.   

Furthermore, I will work to provide greater emphasis on science based firefighting techniques and practices, to further prevent the injuries and deaths of our firefighters.

Building Relationships

I will help other chiefs strengthen their relationship with labor through the advancement of programs such as the Labor Management Alliance. 

I will work to identify funding sources so that these programs can be made more widely available to departments.  

Shaping the Future Together

I will continue to raise our profession to new heights by supporting the mission of the IAFC and the initiatives of my fellow elected officers.