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Green Country Fire Chief's Association

Chief Moore is currently our 2nd Vice-President and he has shown a passion for serving us locally; we know he will do the same for the IAFC. 

Oklahoma Fire Chief's Association

Chief M. Kyle Minick - North Charleston (SC) Fire Department

I've had the privilege of knowing Chief Moore for over ten years and have personally witnessed his love, dedication and passion to improve the Fire Service at home in Oklahoma and nationally. His commitment to Broken Arrow Fire, his family and his faith will serve as the template as he transitions into the role of 2nd Vice President of the IAFC to serve our members. I can attest that he will continue to find ways to improve health & safety, expand professional development, and increase diversity for career and volunteer members across our country.  

Chief Todd Allen - Freeport (IL) Fire Department

Chief Moore has a true passion for the fire service.  I have worked with him on many projects to further educate our men and women and to improve their overall safety. He is a dynamic and progressive leader who works tirelessly to positively impact those around him.  Chief Moore will successfully represent the IAFC and I believe he is an excellent candidate for elected office.  

Chief Joseph Knitter - South Milwaukee (WI) Fire Department

Chief Randy Journigan (Retired) - Virginia Beach Fire Department

Deputy Chief Curt Varone (Retired) - Providence (RI) Fire Department

I heartily endorse the candidacy of my good friend, Fire Chief Jeremy Moore. He has proven leadership abilities coupled with energy and vision. 

Chief Bill Boos - Bend (OR) Fire Department

Chief David Hurst Owasso (OK) Fire Department

I gladly endorse Chief Jeremy Moore for the position of 2nd Vice President for the IAFC. Chief Moore through his tireless dedication to the Fire Service will make a positive impact in moving the IAFC forward. 

Chief Jason Louthan Seiling (OK) Fire & Rescue Department

Chief David Dayringer Fayetteville (AR) Fire Department

Chief Scotty Bush Hendersoneville (TN) Fire Department

Chief James Fullingim Norman (OK) Fire Department (Retired)

Chief Christian Schmidt Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service (MB CDN)

Chief Jon Wintle Owasso (OK) Fire Department

I am happy to endorse Jeremy Moore for the position of 2nd VP. I have known Chief Moore for the better part of 22 years and know that he has a true passion for the fire service and a strong vision for its future. This passion and vision coupled with a strong work ethic makes Chief Moore very well suited to represent us.

Chief Tom Bradley Stillwater (OK) Fire Department

Chief Michael Hall - Berryhill (OK) Fire Department

As a combination fire chief I have significant issues that deal with the volunteer side and management of fewer resources to accomplish the same tasks as career organizations. I have been able to reach out to Chief Jeremy Moore for many years and in multiple circumstances to seek his professional assistance and as a sounding board for situations that most career chiefs would be too busy to consider. Jeremy is approachable, personable, and I find his counsel to be exceptionally useful to our VCOS centered department. He can assist yours too.

Chief Sean Douglas - Claremore (OK) Fire Department

Chief Moore will provide the leadership the IAFC is looking for. You can't go wrong with Moore. 

Assistant Chief Eric Hall - Des Peres (MO) Fire & EMS

Deputy Chief John Vanatta - Siloam Springs (AR) Fire Department

Chief John Christian Grayslake (IL) Fire Protection District

 Chief Moore is a true professional who has the knowledge, experience, and energy to lead the IAFC now and in the future. I personally know Jeremy and understand his commitment to excellence in the fire service. Therefore, I unequivocally endorse Chief Jeremy Moore for 2nd Vice President of the IAFC. 

Chief Darren White, Ozark (Mo) Fire Protection District

I met Chief Moore at a conference in Seattle, WA in 2010. Ever since, I have seen that he is progressive and always wanting to advance the fire service. I proudly endorse him for the position of IAFC 2nd Vice President!

Grant Rissler, CIty of Broken Arrow (OK)

Chief Moore is an amazing human being that I have been lucky enough to work with and learn from, during his tenure with our organization. He is a person of empathy and strong moral character who is also a lot of fun to be around.  

Chief Ryan Lawson, Broken Arrow (OK) Fire Department

It has been a true pleasure to work for such a dynamic and progressive leader. Chief Moore has done an excellent job of pushing our Department to the next level and increasing the level of services we provide. His leadership style has both empowered and motivated Department members to shatter the glass ceiling and to think out of the box. He has accomplished substantial change in a Department and profession notoriously resistant to changing "the way way we have always done it." I believe Chief Moore would have similar success in the IAFC and its members would benefit greatly from his contributions.

Chief Cary Williamson, Ardmore (OK) Fire Department

Chief Moore will be a fine representative of the values of the Oklahoma Fire Service! 

Chief Mark Steward, Broken Arrow Fire Department

Chief Moore is a dynamic and transformational leader with a diverse background and broad skill set. He exemplifies servant leadership while striving to keep our department's focus on the customer. Chief Moore's networking ability, progressive mindset, and innovative ideas make him the easy choice for leading the IAFC into the future. 

Chief Denus Benton, Catossa (OK) Fire Department

I have known Chief Moore just a few years, during that time he has been supportive in helping small and big Departments. I proudly endorse him for the position of IAFC 2nd Vice President.

Chief Janet Washburn, City of Hollywood Fire Rescue and Beach Safety

Chief Len MacCharles, Nelson Fire Rescue

I got to know Chief Moore over 4 years as part of completing the EFO Program at the National Fire Academy and have stayed in contact for the past 8 years. I cannot say enough about his dedication to the Fire Service and his devotion to our industry and firefighter safety. I will be voting for Chief Moore and look forward to his leadership.

Endorse Chief Jeremy K. Moore

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Jeremy K. Moore for IAFC 2nd VP

(918) 694-8830